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 Employed? Have you lost your job due to restructuring, downsizing, some technological advancement or an “economic downturn”? Do you know someone who has? Might you be the next, to be let go? The reality is this: Most of us have approximately 480 pay days during our economically active lives. We therefore have a very limited window of opportunity to maximize our results.

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Douglas Kruger said a friend of his, a director at a major bank told him that: 

“I work on a 25 day notice. That is how secure my job is.”

Business Owner? Are you struggling to keep your business afloat? Exhausted by having to keep all the balls in the air to provide for your family? Feeling like the business owns you and not the other way around? In South Africa research indicates that the average lifespan of a business is six years (96% fail within 8 – 10 yrs globally). For many business owners it may well mean the business they own today will not be around when they retire.

In Debt? Consumer debt is increasing and our salaries are not keeping up! Of the 24 million credit-active South Africans, 10 million of them are in arrears on their accounts or are struggling to pay their monthly debt repayments. Are you afraid to answer that call?

Headed for retirement? There are 4.4 million people over the age of 60 that are still working, receiving a pension or old-age grant in S.A. 740 000 receives a monthly pension…

  • 392 200 are living on less than R4000pm!
  • 236 060 [R4000 – R10 000pm]
  • 99 160 [R10 000 – R25 000pm] - 2.25% of the total people over 60yrs that can retire financially independent barring certain circumstances. The rest, 97% cannot.
  • 10 360 [R25 000 – R50 000] – 0.24%

Is the economic turmoil sweeping you away, feeling stressed out, burned out and almost wiped out financially. Is time pressure, job security and the struggle to enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle, major challenges for you? Don’t know how to move from where you are to where you want to be with the minimum of risk?

Don’t worry, there is still hope…


Let me introduce you to my coa-mentor, Dr. Hannes Dreyer, retired at the age of 37! Obviously, he knows something the rest of us don’t. He has pioneered a path that we could all follow if we are prepared to take the first step? In his e-book ‘The Formula For Riches’ he explains a step-by-step strategy that will take you on an amazing journey that could change your life forever! It did mine. See the world with new eyes. Understand why things are as they are and why reading newspapers and watching news channels will never help you make sense of this world and the life that you are living. The first thing is to...

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‘The Formula For Riches’

Is your ROADMAP to help you get on track to riches… and stay there! It reveals true insider secrets on how to get rich fast

All you have to do is take the responsibility to invest in yourself. By learning how to apply Hannes’ amazing wealth creation strategy, you will put yourself in a position to accumulate financial riches beyond your wildest imagination! Investing in this e-book will be the most important financial decision you will ever take in your life!

Hannes reveals the secret of investments, secrets the investment companies, financial institutions and financial experts don’t want you to know. People like Warren Buffet (one of the richest people in the world today) apply ‘The Formula For Riches’ to his investment decisions.

Chapter 1 – 9 explains ‘The Formula For Riches’ How to interpret and apply it. You will learn how to create, preserve and enjoy your wealth, the Wealth Creator’s way!

Hannes’ definition of wealth is having a life of abundance. This means you must have a balance in your life. Money is not enough. There is also your health, your relationships, your spiritual life, your personal growth and the contribution you make to the world.

Chapter 10 shows how Hannes set himself a challenge to invest less than $143 and turn it into $1 500 000 in less than five years.

Chapter 11 shows you how you can start an investment with ZERO dollars!

I am a student of Dr. Hannes Dreyer [Phd, MSc (Econ), CFP and numerous other qualifications] and successfully completed his Rainmaker Start-up Business Programme. His courses have made all the difference to my approach to business and investments and finally put me on a solid path to realize my dreams! Watch this space! He has given me permission to sell his e-book ‘The Formula For Riches – The Difference Between Rich and Poor’ I can highly recommend this e-book and any of his courses.

You deserve to have the best life,
so now it is time to take action - and learn to invest the smart way!

Normally this e-book sells for 29.00 USD 

Get Your Copy Today & SAVE a whopping 75%

For ONLY 8.00 USD You’ll discover a proven strategy that will save you time, money and help you avoid making some very costly mistakes

(This is less than the price of a “Big S.A. Breakfast” for two at McDonalds!)

Come on, take the first step…get your very own copy of ‘The Ultimate Business & Life Success Formula’ Click here

“It all starts with what you want. Your life will never be the same…” 

– Hannes Dreyer

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