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Following the recent impressive message encouraging the culture of entrepreneurship from the Minister of BirthSmall Business Development, Lindiwe Sisulu, during the Small Enterprise Development Agency’s annual stakeholder’s forum we are of the viewpoint that encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship takes more than just equipping people with the necessary technical skills and tools. The soft skills necessary to navigate the complex entrepreneurial landscape and the inspiration to keep going are vital before we can push everyone into the difficult creativity arena.

what it takes

With that said, this picture alongside is a typical example of how most individuals jump into entrepreneurship because of its rosy surface, and fail to realise their goals when met with obstacles.

Having said that, E-Vibe proudly presents Inspire Magazine, a publication at the forefront of keeping it real. For just R10.00 a month or a once-off annual subscription of R120.00 you can get all the inspiration you require to explore creative ways for turning the tide in the Socio-Economic Landscape. The truth of the matter is, Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, most people need a nudge in order to take the leap.

FEB CoverAs a result, entrepreneurs Darryl Norman and Colin Jooste from E-Vibe presents a publication that will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and either encourage as many people in your circle to subscribe, contribute an article or sponsor a loved one with an annual subscription or do something other than attending one meeting after the other while the Province continues to receive shocking Unemployment Statistics. This is not the time to wonder or stroll, fill in your subscription and be counted among the active citizens driving positive change. 



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Darryl Norman
Author: Darryl Norman
Darryl Norman is one of the co-founders of E-Vibe and INSPIRE Magazine. E-Vibe shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs, school leavers and Small Business owners in the Northern Cape.


E-Vibes endeavor to make a positive difference in the world, by powerfully impacting the growth of entrepreneurs on a personal and professional level with a modern and 'vibey' approach ReadMore


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