Thank you for helping us reach 100 Facebook Likes

Thank you for helping us reach 100 Facebook Likes! It’s wonderful knowing we have so many fans out there, and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more inspiration and information in the months to come.

 To celebrate this milestone, the first 5 fans to leave their email addresses and the phrase between brackets [I'M INTERESTED IN THIS OFFER] in the comment space of this FB POST will receive a small gift – a 45% discount on a 3 month Full Page Advertising contract. And because we love ALL our fans, we will also provided them with the Formula For Riches eBook by Dr. Hannes Dreyer (currently worth R350.00) for only R50 rand each.

Please note this Offer expires 13/08/2017 or after the first 5 fans left their comments. This offer is only limited to fans in the Northern Cape.



Full Page3 Month Full Page Advertising Space
contract in INPIRE Magazine

the formula for riches Formula For Riches eBook by Dr. Hannes Dreyer 
(currently worth R350.00) for only R50 rand each.

We still believe that a print advertisement promotes sales, motivates customers and supports your brand. Your audience still loves to page through a visually stimulating printed medium that they can touch, put down, and come back to time and time again.

Thank you for your likes and helping us make INSPIRE Magazine the best it can be!


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