We are still covering brand awareness since last month’s issue 8. We feel this is a vital process in building your brand and using it to let customers know about your business. Creating a memorable brand through marketing and ad strategies, more people will know who you are and you will see increased sales and even repeat business.

No matter the size of your business, you should market your products and services with every tool in your reach. Brand awareness is one of the most important and powerful tool. If you’ve recently opened a business and are searching for a way to market it, consider using your brand by creating a tagline or logo.

This is essential not only because it brings customers to your business for the first time, it encourages them to keep coming back. People like to buy from names they trust and that they can identify with, especially when your logo and tagline are easy for the them to remember, your brand come to symbolise your company and it’s the first thing to come to the customer’s  mind when they are ready to buy.

Some of these benefits are covered on page 4 in the Branding Your Website & Business article and we cover Benefits Of A Marketing Plan on page 10. We hope that this issue will convey a very strong and important message. Now that festive season is around the corner you would like to benefit from the buying craze of your customers….



What's In The November Issue?


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here are many components of a business that could be used for branding. It could be a logo, a name, a picture, a product or any other tangible thing that creates an association with a product, service or company. Branding can be difficult to accomplish because you cannot command people to associate a good feeling with your products or services. People need to experience this in order for the branding to become meaningful. 
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Why Every Start-up Businesses Must Have A  Basic Website


n today’s changing world every small start-up business must have a website. This is a necessity and a powerful tool for marketing your business!  It has to be able to showcase your product and service convincingly enough to make people buy.

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Knowing You Can Is The Key To Success

The key to success in any endeavor starts with a positive mental attitude. There is a saying that goes 'if you think you can you can and if you think you can not you are right' and this is so true. Have you ever noticed that people with positive attitudes are always so upbeat and motivated? In fact it can be said that a positive mental attitude is the best motivation you can have since it is based upon believing in yourself.

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