Your Success as an Entrepreneur

I guess this is the proverbial question. What is Success?

It is extremely difficult to manifest something if we do not know what it is. We have to clearly define what success is in order to achieve it. Where the details of your personal success are for you to clarify, we at entrepreneur have a specific definition which ensures what we do is for a particular focus as opposed to just random.

There are three areas we need to succeed in and it is important to understand that we need to succeed in all areas to feel a true sense of success and fulfillment as an entrepreneur. These three areas are: Wealth, Meaning and Freedom.


Wealth is the accumulation of money and assets that eventually grow sufficiently to allow for complete financial freedom - financial wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond - whilst still generating ongoing passive income.

Too many entrepreneurs focus on money instead of wealth. It is not money in and of itself that will allow for wealth creation, but rather, it is what we do with money that determines wealth. The bottom line in achieving wealth is accumulating money over time through what we do as entrepreneurs.


Freedom in entrepreneurship is realised once the work of evolving your business to the point where it literally starts working for you rather than you having to work for it has been accomplished. As you build your business, the systems, resources and mechanisms that you put into place should be aimed at allowing your business to become more and more efficient in running itself so that it requires less and less of your own time and energy to keep it operating optimally. Once your business is able to carry on generating income without your own time having to be invested in it, you will have achieved the lifestyle freedom of a successful REAL Entrepreneur.


The entrepreneurial endeavor you undertake should contribute to a cause greater than just yourself in order for your vision to embody significant meaning. Living a life of meaning is the only way to truly fulfill ourselves as whole beings, rather than merely existing and surviving from day to day in a chaotic quandary of what it's all supposed to be about. We should all be striving to live a life of true meaning, being consciously aware that what we do and the businesses we build to do it impacts positively on those around us and adds value to others' lives, perhaps extending nationwide or even globally


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